Monday, March 5, 2012


I am very proud of my breakfast this morning:

An apple
A Banana
1 cup of mini shredded wheat
1 cup of Silk
1 Tb Ovaltine

I have researched that when you're active, vegetables and fruit shouldn't be counted for calories since they are burned off so quickly....besides, they're awfully darn good for you too ;)

I chopped up the apples and sliced up the banana in the bowl and it filled more than half the bowl leaving just enough room for the cereal. Since it was mini shredded wheat, it took up a lot of room in the measuring cup and seemed to be only a sprinkling on top. Next, I added the milk and Ovaltine giving it a slight chocolate flavor and yet it was healthy too. The breakfast left me satisfied and feeling healthy....with a total calorie count in proteins and carbohydrates of 280, minus the fruits. It was a delicious breakfast making the fruit the center of the meal rather than the cereal and I highly recommend it!

Height: 5'4"
Weight: 170Lbs

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