Friday, February 24, 2012

To the Gym!

Meet my best friend.
Her name is Sasquabadalia.
If it were not for her I would despise the gym and call it an utterly boring place. 
However, with Sasqua clipped to my side, I can get into the music and forget about exercising...while I'm exercising. Especially when I'm on the bike, I stare out the window and fantasize while I listen music - whether it be a dance I'm choreographing or just a really intense song. With her I have exercised at the gym for an hour and a half and she made it feel like nothing at all.

It is amazing what the body can do when not paying attention.

So I went across the parking lot after work to the gym and for a half hour I went on two weight machines that when used in different ways it worked on my arms and upper/lower back. I did a weight that seemed effortless at first, but after 3 sets of 20 reps, they were aching. This helps with not only strength, but also endurance. I did the same thing for my legs on the leg extensions/leg curls machine. By 2:25 I was on the bike, pedaling away for twenty minutes, all the while Sasquabadalia was going through the music of Love Never Dies - the second Phantom musical only in London right now (which I pre-ordered the dvd that I won't get until May 28th, but that's besides the point). Before I knew it, I burned 164 calories on just the bike by 2:45. Then, I went into the aerobics room that has wall to wall mirrors like a dance room and started stretching for the next 45 minutes. By 3:30 my body was so warmed and stretched I was not only sitting in a kneeling back bend with my toes touching my head, but also in a split (only on my left side) with my back leg lifted and my toes touching my head (that would make such a great ring leap....).

 I like using the weights first because it warmed up all my muscles before I got on the bike. The bike made me even warmer and helped me to sweat. By the time I got to my favorite part - stretching - I was so warm that it seemed effortless and my flexibility exceeded.

On a dancing schedule I can only keep this three days a week, but this week I can go for four days straight....
Right now, Sasqua is charging. She needs to keep up her strength so I can too :)

Signing off....

Height: 5'4"
Weight: 171Lbs
Mood: A little hopeful