Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Vaccum Effect

 That's Baby on the right. The little bugger on the left is her daughter, Molly 
We once had a goat. Her name was Baby. She always reminded me of those girls who were so tall and extremely skinny and ate as much as they wanted because they were runners or had a high metabolism...or both, God bless 'em. That wasn't all though - that she ate a lot. She would eat so fast that I swear she seriously sucked down all her food that if you blinked, you would have missed it. She would always be the first to be done eating (and we would have to feed her more because she would kick the milk bucket) and her lips would just stretch out and...if I was into video editing back then I probably would have gotten some major hits on youtube if I added in some vaccum engines.
The thing is...she was a goat. If a cat ate like that, or a dog, or even a sloth, they would gain weight so fast that they would eventually not be able to move. Unlike the animal, we don't have people to portion our food and feed us (unfortunately). We're big kids now. We have to learn to stop - chew - put the fork down - say something to who you are eating with - take a sip of water...and move on to the next bite. Eating a meal on the go is the worst because then you're training yourself to jam all the food in your mouth, leaving just a enough time for perhaps some seconds, and leave. Then, by the time you get to work, or school, or (even worse) dancing school, the waist on your pants (or your tights) has left a serious red strip across your stomach because that tight, pinny pain you knew where it came from and so...blame it on the food baby.
The thing about the goat is that she was who she was. Those calories she sucked down from all the sticky and sweet molasses coated grains were certainly used somewhere. But she's like that runner or that girl who burns calories so fast that she looses a pound just by texting (or guys....darn you guys, you have such high metabolisms, I'm so jealous). I have noticed that even though I am active, I gain weight so easily. As a matter of fact, I have been working in a kitchen now for a year and just by tasting food everyday (mainly those dumb desserts and extra fries that get left over, I'm ashamed to say) I have gained twenty - yes twenty - pounds. You don't think I have gone to bed crying at night under my covers? I hate how food makes me feel after I have eaten it and yet I love the way it makes me feel while I'm eating it.

That's it, though.
I'm done and I've certainly had enough.
I can't take it anymore and I want to change.

The last blog post was about staying away from the sweets. I did not have one (or seriously two) of the desserts at work yesterday nor did I eat one of their delicious no-bakes (with the peanut butter and chocolate - seriously, guys, the salty and sweet?) However, I did eat one doughnut on a girl date after work which was exactly 200 calories. Now compare that 200 calories to the  500 calories I would have eaten if I had that warm chocolate pudding cake and a cookie (or two).  If you think about it, I saved myself 300 calories in desserts yesterday. I did eat a dessert, so I screwed up there, however I managed to cut down on the amount of calories to consume.

Goals for Today?
  • Chew gum - not food. I had breakfast already, why am I eating at work - AGAIN.

  • Avoid the temptation of the sweets - if you can't, remember that mom has a batch of those delicious dark chocolate brownies waiting for you at home that are cut into reasonable size just put it off until you get home. The good thing? You  might forget about it.

DUDE - I seriously want a shower that looks like this!!!
  • Go to the gym - I haven't gone yet this week, but mainly due too something going on at home. There's nothing going on today so it's perfect...and guess what! They have these awesome showers that have lights that automatically turn on when you walk in!!! Eeeeee!!!!!

Thanks for hearing me rant.
This is, Mic signing off....

Height: 5'4"
Weight: 171lbs
Mood: Bloated and kinda moody.