Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Smart Snacking, Low Calorie Meals

The bad thing about dipping your fruit in sweet, creamy dips is that the calories, as unnecessary dips are with snacking on fruit, build up and your once delicious, healthy, low calorie snack has become just as bad as eating cookies and cake. I have found that a great snack - actually breakfast - is Chobani non fat strawberry yogurt. At 140 calories (AND non-fat, mind you) it is an awesome dip for fruit! Unlike regular yogurt, it is thick and dip-able and it will stay on your fruit instead of slipping off. Who says you have to eat the whole thing if the fruit is the main course? Unless it's breakfast of course...than I say go for it.

I know I've mention this before, but who can go wrong with it. Sliced apples with sprinkled cinnamon on top. I swear - tastes almost like apple pie. Another breakfast or snack you can't go wrong with.

Lately for lunch, I've been making my own Asian broth:
1T Nutritional Yeast (50 calories)
1T Soy Sauce (10 calories)
1/2 T of Hot Sauce (more if you like hot) (0 calories)
1t ginger (depending on you acquired Asian tastes - personally I love ginger and sometimes put a tad more) (0 calories)
As much water in the pot as you want - depending on if you want your broth to be subtle, strong or doubling the recipe for the whole family - your choice. Besides, more water = more feeling full
Total Calories - 60

After bringing the brother to a boil, bring it to simmer and dump your choice of BJ'S frozen veggies and as much as you want - Vegetables are a free food, people! AND they tasted AWESOME in this Asian soup! If you want to crumble a veggie burger (100 calories)  or a serving of cubed tofu (110 calories) or even drop an egg  in it like egg drop soup(74 calories), go for it :)

With all that thrown together, who can go wrong for a hearty, fulfilling lunch at only 160/170/134 calories?!

Signing off for now and....at 9lbs lighter too :)

Height: 5'4"
Current Weight: 166lbs
Starting Weight: 175lbs

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